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Newspaper House, Old Town Swindon

Client: Chris James Construction

Location: Old Town, Swindon

Contractor: Chris James Construction Ltd

Budget: £6m

Project brief

Chris James Construction (CJC) acquired the two sites at Newspaper House in Swindon with the benefit of existing planning permissions to change these two sites into a mixed use development of office and retail spaces, apartments and houses. CJC approached Pier Architecture to take the existing permissions and revise the internal layouts and external appearance to provide a layout and project that worked more in line with their aspirations. This site is particularly interesting due to the listed building element of the building on Site A, which provides its own set of unique challenges.

What we did 

Pier Architecture have to date successfully produced redesigned internal layouts for both sites as well as successfully negotiating a revised external design on Site B. We are now well into the production of the technical detailed design information for both sites as well working with the LPA on the works to the listed building. Pier Architecture have a very good relationship with the LABC partnership team in Swindon with Site B coming back with only a handful of minor comments to work on with the design team.


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