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Pier Architecture has a firm belief in providing a value for money service for homeowners looking for an extension, developer housing projects, and commercial clients looking for their next factory or warehouse.
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Post Production - Corner Cottage

15 new build apartments, Ferndown

Client: Chris James Construction

Location: Carroll Avenue, Ferndown, Dorset

Contractor: Chris James Construction Ltd

Budget: £2.4m

Project brief

As far as the client was concerned our brief was to produce a full, co-ordinated set of technical construction drawings for the project. If only it were that simple….

What we did 

Pier Architecture were appointed to produce and manage the construction information to provide a full set of co-ordinated infomration suitable to discharge all planning conditions, obtain a building regulations approval, tender figures for the various packages and construction.
Before we could do any of that, the building internal layout had to be redesigned to incorporate all the essential building elements that the original designers neglected to think about, for example, SVP’s, service risers, enclosed fire escapes etc.
Once this was complete we directly appointed the entire design and site investigation teams to produce all necessary information including, Civil, Structural, SI, Topo, drainage surveys, M&E designs and much more.
The project is about to start on site so keep an eye on our social media pages for regular updates on the project.



Ground floor plan


Garage conversions to complete new builds


Small to medium scale housing and apartments developments


Car dealerships to retail units