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Dynamatic Oldland-Aerospace Office Refurbishment

Client: Dynamatic Oldland-Aerospace

Location: Cheney Manor, Swindon

Contractor: Saphire Group UK Ltd

Budget: £500k

Project brief

The Client has gone through extensive reallocation and modernisation of spaces throughout their Swindon factory in recent years with the offices the last area to get a facelift. Dynamatic came to Pier Architecture with a very loose brief of providing office space on the ground floor adjacent to the factory floor.

What we did 

Pier Architecture worked closely with the client to create a focused brief and understand what the real client requirements were. With nearly 15 years experience designing car dealerships and other commercial spaces, Pier Architecture were able to focus on the internal layout and interior design to provide a design that met the brief and provided a modern, unique, fit for purpose office environment that would allow an efficient flow throughout the floor plan. Pier Architecture have taken this project from inception through to a compliant tender and we have been retained to administer the construction contract with the main contractor whilst on site.


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