Using the latest 3D BIM technology we virtually build your building allowing you to see exactly what the finished design will look like long before you get to site.


With over 18 years experience in the construction industry Pier Architecture have the expertise to bring your project to life.


Paying attention to all the small details is key when trying to realise a project on budget. It really is the little things that make the difference between a good project and one that’s great.

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At Pier Architecture we have experience in both residential and commercial architecture
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Whilst all our drawings are produced in CAD we always like to start off with a good old fashioned pen and paper
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We always strive to provide you with exactly what you are expecting and you are always firmly in the driving seat.
Who We Are

Bill Pier founded Pier Architecture with a firm belief in providing a value for money service to all clients from homeowners looking for an extension through to commercial clients looking for their next factory or warehouse.

Value for money is always a very difficult concept to handle when it comes to securing services. It is many client’s belief that all architects are equal and that it simply comes down to a choice of quotes, yet this cannot be further from the truth!

All the decisions made at the start of a project can have profound effects to the design decisions and overall cost of a project later on down the line. Whilst most architects are able to draw a building, it takes years of experience in the real world to understand how a finished project will look, feel and work not to mention cost and so chosing the right Architect at the outset is crucial to the success of your project.

What We Offer

At Pier Architecture we believe in one thing, Keep It Simple! The simplest designs are often the most elegant, the easiest the build and as a result, the most cost effective. We constantly strive to bring our clients beautiful but functional designs that come from actually listening to our Client’s needs and desires rather that a pre-conceived idea of what we believe our Clients want.

We also focus on a personal service, you will always be dealing with a single point of contact throughout the life of your project. This ensures continuity and consistency, which in turns provides you with the confidence that you can site back, relax and ‘enjoy the ride’ safe in the knowledge that Pier Architecture has your best interests at heart and the ability to deliver your project on time and on budget.

With standard services from simple plan drawing to full concept design, planning applications, full working drawing packages and site inspections Pier Architecture are here to provide a tailored service to meet you exact needs.

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